Online payments at the lowest rates

For the KSB Bank plastic card owners swift and simple payments on—line site has been launched Customers can fill the balance of the cell phone without visiting the bank through the internet, pay for the utility bills, as well as receive the information on the outstanding debts.  

Advantages of on-line payments:
  • Payments can be made comfortably - through any computer, which is linked to the internet. 
  • Short time for making payments – approximately 1-2 minutes is required for performance of operations. Performed operation is promptly reflected at the provider’s account. 
  • Available during 24 hours, any day of the week.
  • Does not require visit to the bank or swift transfer machine and standing in the queue.
Service conditions:
Payments can be made through deduction of the amount from KSB Bank’s card account and repayment of the debt to the provider’s account.  

Payments without commission:
  1. Filling the balance of the mobile operator
  2. Tbilisi water (GWP)
  3. Janitorial service
  4. Silknet
  5. SilkTV
  6. Magtisat
For performance of other operations the lowest rates are applied – 20 Tetri per provider. 

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02 May 2013

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